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Sri Lanka Rugby Forms

Online Registration Forms
# Form Description
1 Coach Register Coach
2 Medical Personnel Register Medical Personnel
3 S & C Trainer Register S & C Trainer
4 Referee Register Referee
5 Match Commissioner Register Match Commissioner
6 Citing Commissioner Register Citing Commissioner
7 C M O Register C M O
8 T M O & Others Register T M O & Others
# Form Description
1 Eligibility Request Form-U18.docx Eligibility Request Form-U18
2 Match Declaration-7's Men's.xls Match Declaration-7's Men's
3 Registration Form-Team.xlsx Registration Form-Team
4 Schedule A-Form-1-Application-Member SLR.docx Schedule A-Form-1-Application-Member SLR
5 Schedule B-Form-2-Details of Affiliates.xlsx Schedule B-Form-2-Details of Affiliates
6 Schedule B-Form-3-Details of Tournaments Conducted.xlsx Schedule B-Form-3-Details of Tournaments Conducted
7 Schedule B-Form 1 (Nomination Form).xlsx Schedule B-Form 1 (Nomination Form)
8 Schedule D-Form-1-Registration of Players.xlsx Schedule D-Form-1-Registration of Players
9 Schedule D-Form-2-Registration of Technical Personnel.xlsx Schedule D-Form-2-Registration of Technical Personnel
10 Schedule F - SLR Logo.docx Schedule F - SLR Logo
11 Squad Declaration-7's Men's.xls Squad Declaration-7's Men's

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